OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Make your own pizza and it will be much more tastefull than your ordered ones.

But before I start with the ingredients I will tell something about this pizza variant, I guess a lot of people might think that this pizza variant originated in Italy or Hawaii but despite its name it originated in Germany which is a modified version of the Italian Pizza. The basic ingredients for this pizza are ham, pineapple, tomato sauce and cheese but there are some regional variations like in Malaysia and Singapore they use halal chicken or halal chicken ham, some add olives and jalapeno and here in New Zealand they even use barbecue sauce. And this is my version. Continue reading

Heard of salsify ? It’s one of the lesser known root vegetables and because it tastes slightly of oysters salsify is also known as oyster plant.
It has a beige-whiteskin and looks similar to the shape of carrots.


Salsify can be used in a similar way to any other root vegetable.
You can use it in soups en stews, or it can be served smashed. Cooked & grated, it’s perfect to flavour your salads.

A last tip : It’s easier to peel the salisfy after it’s been boiled.