Roy Choi recently hinted at opening up a new hotel concept as his next project, during an interview with Esquire

If Roy Choi can start the street food revolution single-handedly, we wonder what he could do for the hotel industry.

Roy Choi has a lot on his plate recently. After announcing last month that he and Daniel Patterson are working on a revolutionary fast food concept, he hinted this week that he may be going into the hotel business. In an interview with Jean Pigozzi on Esquire’s YouTube show, My Friends Call Me Johnny, Roy Choi said that his next big project could be to open a hotel.

So what would a hotel with Roy Choi at the helm look like?

“You know how hotels are separated? If you want luxury you have to go to luxury, if you want value, you go value,” said Choi. “We end up inadvertently separating humanity from each other. Well, I want to blur those lines; I want people to experience the same levels of high and low together. I did it with street food and I can do it with hotels.”

But when asked about the logistics and obstacles of opening up a hotel, or even a chain of hotels, Choi said “I just play dumb. My job in the world is giving out the food.”

This would not be the street food king’s first venture into the hotel industry. Choi opened up Pot inside the Line Hotel in Los Angeles early this spring.

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