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There’s a new molecular gastronomy gadget in town, and it’s something everyone, not just chefs, can use every day. Montreal-based company Molecule-R has invented the AROMAFORK™ — a fork that will change the way you perceive flavors.

The fork releases scents as you eat with it and “tricks your mind” to detect enhanced flavors.

Here’s how it works: Your tastebuds recognize five tastes — sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami. Your nose, on the other hand, can detect up to a trillion smells. By releasing aromas, the AROMAFORK™ gets your brain working double duty, getting it to perceive aromas on top of tastes.

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Pure Adventures self-guided cycling tours allow travelers the opportunity to experience a region’s cuisine and restaurants at their own pace and taste, unlike group tours that may choose dining options for you. With a culture rich in gastronomy and Spain offers unrivaled restaurant choices — and sometimes it is hard to know where to go! With local expert and Pure Adventures guide Bo Lohmann residing in Girona, the guess work of picking the perfect place for a meal is eliminated — Bo has dined at many of the top restaurants.

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At his recent Culinary Conclave in Spain, the celebrated chef offers pronouncements and provocations and poses some challenging questions.

The format of the Culinary Conclave organized by Ferran Adrià and Andoni Aduriz on March 29 and 30 at LeDomaine, a luxury hotel in a converted monastery adjacent to the Abadía Retuerta winery in Spain’s Ribera del Duero region, called for 15 international journalists to give presentations on the recent gastronomic history of their respective home regions. After each one, Adrià sprung to his feet and, well, did what he usually does when he addresses a crowd: talks with great enthusiasm in a sort of stream-of-consciousness manner, full of non sequiturs, provocation, and aperçu, full of rhetorical questions and occasional head-scratchers.

Here is a transcription of some of his remarks, presented as he offered them, in no particular order (or perhaps in an order that made sense only to him), but as usual with Adrià, full of ideas and challenges:

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Een proeverij van Union Craft beers en Tenth Harvest Wines laat de gasten beslissen wat hun voorkeur geniet.

On Wednesday, April 9, Birroteca will host a beer vs. wine dinner, showcasing the beers of Union Craft Brewing and the wines represented by Maryland-based distributor Tenth Harvest. A multi-course, family-style meal will be served along with dessert, and each dish will be accompanied by one beer and one wine.

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Lamb chops with rutabaga and greens. –Photography by Scott Suchman

We refused to be deterred by the dismantled lobby obviously going through a makeover. Persevering to the right and heading up a short flight of stairs, we soon entered a two-story-high dining room that left us gasping at its opulence. With its dreamy cornflower-blue walls, gilded trim, chandeliers dripping crystals, tropical palm plumage, and elegant candelabra-topped tables, we felt like we’d stepped into Versailles. The luxe space is decidedly anachronistic amid today’s no-nonsense industrial, brick-walled eating spaces. But the fancy décor works at The French Kitchen at Lord Baltimore Hotel. The dining room is inside the stately hotel, which opened in 1928 and was the largest hotel in Maryland at one time. Myriad years and owners later, the French renaissance landmark is once again reliving its glory days with a massive renovation from top to bottom. The French Kitchen is one of its centerpieces.

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Chocolatiers verdubbelen hun fantasie voor Pasen.

Met pasen komen niet alle eieren uit de tuin.

Il y a ceux que l’on cache derrière un arrosoir ou sous un massif fleuri à la plus grande joie des enfants. Et les autres trônant au salon.
Pour les chocolatiers, l’exercice tient de la haute voltige. Chaque année, ils doivent trouver la piste jamais explorée. Une fois le croquis fait, il reste à dompter le chocolat pour lui imposer la forme voulue et à le saupoudrer de couleurs.
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Catalan chef says his plan to convert the award-winning restaurant into a training and research centre is ’95% finished’

Ferran Adrià delivers a speech during the presentation of the elBulli foundation. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images

Spanish star chef Ferran Adrià unveiled plans on Tuesday for a “cooking laboratory”, museum and database of top recipes at his world-beating restaurant, elBulli.

Adrià, whose eatery was crowned best in the world five times by Britain’s Restaurant magazine before it closed in 2011, gave a preview of the “elBulli foundation”, which he said would open next year. Continue reading

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FIRE. Chef Rolly isn’t just popular in the Filipino community, but also among the Greeks.

ATHENS, Greece – Whether in Manila, Manhattan, San Francisco or Finland, Filipino chefs have distinguished themselves in culinary arts. Perhaps the most prominent Filipino chef today is Cristeta Comerford, the first female and the first Asian American executive chef at the White House. (READ: White House Chef Cristeta Comerford: ‘Just like mom’)

Here in Athens, many Asian restaurants employ Filipino chefs. Among them are chefs whose experience, diligence and creativity in the kitchen have earned them praise from their employers, customers, and kababayan.

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By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: March 26, 2014

Celebrated chefs gathered in Exeter to launch the latest edition of a highly-respected guide to the culinary delights of the South West.

The 22nd Trencherman’s Guide lists 166 high-quality restaurants and gastro pubs from Oxfordshire to Cornwall, adding 44 since last year.

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