When it comes to entertaining friends, however, you might feel compelled to  spice up your drink selection.  But don’t break out the gin and bitters just yet – all you need is abeer and a few easy ingredients.


A classic :  The black and Tan

This classic beer on beer combo has been a favorite in British pubs for a long  time (like over 100 years). The drink layers a stout or porter on top of a light  lager/ale. Commonly, your beertender will make it with a Bass Lager base,  finished with Guiness Draught. When pouring the Guiness, it is important you use  the proper equipment to avoid premature combination of the layers. Lay an  upside-down spoon across the top of the pint glass, and pour the beer over the  rounded spoon. You want the beers to mix in your belly, not the glass.




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