The starred chef “signature” card at the new restaurant in Manhattan, Meregalli of “Mulino a Vino.”
The simplicity of Italian conquest of the Americans, already reviewed in the NYT GIGI PADOVANI

Some flat door the words “Courtesy Combal.Zero”, and are the great classics of David Scabin as the “King of Savoy’s Veal with tuna sauce” or the famous “Skyline salad” or “Street-Style Spaghettoni.” Other courses are designed to raise awareness of the true Italian cuisine to New Yorkers, more and more fascinated by everything that comes from Italy, as far as the kitchen: “Octopus Luciana”, “Soup & Green green soup”, “Rack of Lamb the Romanas.

“But there are commingling between two cultures, such as the “Meatball Burger” or the dessert “Tribute to Manhattan Cheescake,” in which the genius of Scabin joined’s peanut butter jelly blackberries. In all, there are only 18 plates. Opens today, after a break that lasted two weeks and a preview for the press last night, the local “Mulino a Vino” in downtown, in the Meatpacking District (337 West 14th Street, tel. +1 212-433-0818 which has a signed card entirely by the chef from Piedmont, celebrated in her local Combal.Zero di Rivoli (Turin) with 2 Michelin stars and owner, with his sister Barbara, the new style trattoria in Ivrea, Blue Pum.

But what does this mean? Does Scabin wants to emigrated to New York? “Quiet – he says – I signed the paper and found a good cooperation with Paolo Meregalli, owner of the restaurant, and then I threw myself into this new adventure, but with humility, because I know that this is one of Manhattan square difficult. Hopefully that Americans appreciate our work. “Criticism of the New York Times Florence Fabricant has already pointed out in his column today, the local and writes: “His restaurant, in the basement of the building in the Meatpacking District, consists of a polished marble bar with kitchenette, with a collection of tables blanks in a space with exposed brick walls and a maze of small rooms. customers will be invited to choose their wine before ordering food, which includes traditional dishes with a touch unusual. ”


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