A while ago I stumbled on Hugo Alexandre Cruz’s Vimeo page, this talented artist creates among other nicely framed topics a taste of Portugal’s cuisine, bringing the recipes to life in an animated, up-tempo and mouth-watering way. Cruz’s scenes are accompanied by fresh typography and holiday desirous music!

Check out some examples here:

Simple Shrimp Extravaganza VIDELICIOUS by Hugo Alexandre Cruz from Hugo Alexandre Cruz on Vimeo.

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WHEN THE QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL at the Southbank Centre in London put on a series of concerts called “Words and Music,” they invited me to join a Spanish flamenco player and a lute player from Baghdad in an event they advertised as “A Night in Andalusia” and to speak between their pieces about my gastronomic experiences in Andalusia.

I talked about Ziryab, a lute player from Baghdad who fled from the court of Harun al-Rashid in the ninth century and joined the court of Córdoba and is credited for introducing new music and new dishes to Spain. I described the dishes I discovered, giving the recipe for a salmorejo that was served at a flamenco festival in Córdoba, and which I also found in every bar and tavern in that city. At the end of the concert, a middle-aged woman came to tell me that she had been moved to tears on hearing the recipe. She was from the province of Córdoba and had lived in Britain for many years.

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tortilla Spinach & Muschrooms

tortilla Spinach & Muschrooms

These are mini tortillas Españolas that are great for hors d’oeuvres and tapas. I used a baking tray for mini cupcakes. You can add different toppings for decoration like grilled red peppers, anchovies, Manchego cheese, olives, chorizo or just leave it plain. This was for a Sunday brunch where I also made pasta with cherry tomatoes & basil and panko breaded chicken breast. For the breaded chicken breast I made several sauces to choose from, they were like dips. Everybody liked the curry mayonnaise, the fig with caramelized onions and the chipotle sauce.





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You know what goes with brunch besides buffet-size food portions that can break your zipper? Cocktails. Really, what other day of the week can you order a drink at 10am and not worry that your sunburnt nose will be suspiciously given a once over as an indication of a pickled over-indulger? I mean, who decided drinks at 10am on a Sunday is totally acceptable but asking for a drinking at 10am on a Tuesday is not.

So as a workaround I’ve combined a traditional Sunday brunch cocktail with an everyday, any time of the week treat: a cocktail popsicle.

That’s right, what you are looking at is a Kir Royale-inspired Popsicle. Since I couldn’t stand to freeze good champagne, and cheap champagne — well, sucks —  I used Prosecco instead and muddled some fresh blackberries, with a splash of lime, a bit of zest and some crème de cassis.

Lick your drinks away, my friends!